Doctor's Watching Demonstration

As a surgeon educator, I have always appreciated and valued OrthoPediatrics’ commitment to education.

I am invariably impressed by the knowledge of all of the sales consultants I have encountered. The OrthoPediatrics culture of caring for children is infectious and I appreciate all you do for surgeons, our trainees and most importantly our pediatric patients, whose lives you help make better each day.

Ryan Goodwin, MD, MBA, FAOA
The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland OH

OrthoPediatrics has stayed true to its cause by helping children with orthopedic conditions and developing products to fill a need.

Unlike most companies that downsize instruments and implants to fit the younger patient, OrthoPediatrics designs their products specifically for the developing patient. The ShieldLoc and ArmorLink is an all-encompassing ACL Reconstruction System that is ideal for the young athlete. This innovative ACL reconstruction system can be used in the full spectrum of patients encountered by the pediatric orthopedic surgeon (skeletally immature to skeletally mature). This single system is easy to use with well-designed instruments and implants. The implants are available in a wide range of sizes that fully complement the diversity of patients seen in a pediatric orthopedic practice. Physeal sparing ACL reconstructions can be very difficult cases for even the well-trained orthopedic surgeon. The OrthoPediatrics ACL Reconstruction System has simplified the procedure with reproducible techniques and excellent outcomes. It is great to have a ‘go to’ product for all of my ACL injuries.

Dr. Shannon Safier
Philadelphia, PA

BandLoc Diagram
RESPONSE Neuromuscular System surgical Demonstration

The OrthoPediatrics RESPONSE Neuromuscular System includes innovative solutions that solve some of the most difficult problems of neuromuscular deformity cases.

The screw body extensions and hyperlordotic rods have been incredibly helpful to address the extreme lordosis and osteopenia we often face in the lumbar spine. Finally, the RESPONSE Neuromuscular system includes new tools that allow us to perform some previously intensive maneuvers in effortless ways.

Christina (Chris) Hardesty, MD
Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
Cleveland, OH

The OrthoPediatrics Locking Cannulated Blade Plate system gives me the flexibility and design strength to help treat pediatric hip conditions.

The proximal locking option gives extra strength in the construct that no other system has. This allows me to use less immobilization and mobilize earlier.

Jeremy Paul Bauer, MD
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Portland, OR

LPF Lineup
PNP Fixture and case opened

The PNP system developed by OrthoPediatrics has been game-changing in my practice.

The compact yet strong design, the ability to place locking screws at different angles, and the beveled tip that allows me to introduce the nail easier and decrease anterior cortical stress distally are some of my favorite features. I feel that the system is pretty flexible and allows me to use it for acute trauma, deformity correction, and tumor reconstruction cases.

Alexandre Arkader, MD
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA