Trans-Physeal Locking Screws

The Trans-Physeal Locking Screws were developed to provide surgeons the option of crossing the femoral capital physis without arresting growth when treating proximal femoral lesions or femoral neck fractures. In these settings, there is often insufficient bone in the metaphysis alone to achieve adequate fixation. The screws feature:

  • Smooth tip to allow crossing of the femoral head physis with little risk of arresting growth
  • Multiple smooth tip lengths to account for position in the femoral head epiphysis (epiphyseal height is greatest at the apex and decreases as you move out from it)
  • Ability to cross physis allows the spanning of proximal femoral lesions, which do no typically involve the epiphysis making that the only quality bone in which to achieve fixation
  • Locking screw design creates a fixed angle construct, which is vital for prophylactic procedures involving proximal femoral lesions
  • Available in 3.5mm
  • Available in 40 - 70mm lengths (in 2mm increments)

This product may not be available in all markets. Please consult your local OP representative for availability.