RESPONSEā„¢ Spine System

Designed with a complete focus on children, the RESPONSE system offers a simple, technologically advanced system of instruments and implants to treat spinal deformity.

Advanced Instrument & Implant Technology

  • Innovative, low profile screw design including a proprietary set screw thread design for improved fixation and reduced potential for cross threading
  • Unique pedicle screw head accepts a 5.5m or 6.0mm rod in both Cobalt Chrome and Titanium

Versatile Reduction & De-Rotation Capabilities

  • Rod Reducer instrument designed for easy snap on and off 2-in-1 rod reduction instrument enables each surgeon to perform reduction and de-rotation technique of choice and serves as a rod reducer and de-rotator in one

Entirely Focused on the Pediatric Patient

  • Designed and tested to specifically address the distinct needs of pediatric patients with spinal deformities
  • One of the only spinal system cleared for pediatric application on the market

This product may not be available in all markets. Please consult your local OP representative for availability.