The PediPlates system, which includes the I-Plate, O-Plate, and Delta Plate, provides a physeal tethering technique that does not disrupt the integrity of the physis, or growth plate. It features simple plate and screw constructs that span the growth center and restrain the physis by inhibiting growth where the plates and screws are applied. The system also features stainless steel plates and screws, which provide excellent strength, resistance to breakage, and ease of removal.

The PediPlates O-Plate addresses the majority of patient needs by providing two-hole physeal tethering, while the I-Plate provides the opportunity for additional fixation through the use of four, rather than two, screws. The Delta Plate, which is the newest addition to the system, meets the need for greater flexibility in screw placement and allows for maximum screw divergence throughout the plate.

This product may not be available in all markets. Please consult your local OP representative for availability.