PediLocĀ® Extension Osteotomy Plate (PLEO)

The PediLoc Extension Osteotomy (PLEO) plate, also part of the renowned PediLoc family, is indicated for proximal, distal, and mid-shaft femur fractures. The system consists of 3.5mm and 4.5mm plates, left and right side specific. The PLEO plate is designed to fit the anatomy of the distal femur in children and adolescents, above the distal femoral physis, to avoid compromising the growth plate.

Plates are pre-contoured to minimize intraoperative plate bending and contouring, and designed to allow three locking screws to be placed in the distal bone segment at an angle parallel to the distal femoral physis. The proximal portion of the plate is designed to accept locking or non-locking screws.

This product may not be available in all markets. Please consult your local OP representative for availability.