Orthex is an external fixation and hexapod system consisting of ring, struts, implants, hardware accessories, and novel Point & Click Software for deformity correction in both the upper and lower extremity.

When used as a hexapod, two or more rings are connected by six telescoping struts allowing six degrees of freedom. The telescoping struts provide greater range, fewer strut changes, reduced inventory requirements, greater precision, while eliminating frame vibration. The patented Orthex P&C software is a user-friendly system which eliminates the need for the user to measure any mounting parameters. Through the step-by-step Point & Click (P&C) process, the user completes CORA based deformity planning and the software calculates the necessary angles and translations to align the bones and correct the deformity. During the course of treatment, as the daily adjustments are made, the bones gradually move until correction is complete.

Large bone and small bone Orthex HA Coated Implants are available for use with the Orthex system.

To login to Orthex website, go to https://www.orthex.net

This product may not be available in all markets. Please consult your local OP representative for availability.