PediNailâ„¢ Intramedullary Nail

The PediNail Intramedullary Nail is anatomically designed to meet the unique needs of pediatric and adolescent patients, and is available in diameters of 7, 8, 9, and 10mm with lengths ranging from 20-38cm. The procedure is performed using a lateral trochanteric entry point to facilitate a simplified procedure, and reduces the danger to blood vessels near the piriformis fossa.

The nails complex three-dimensional geometry includes a proximal lateral bend to accommodate its trochanteric entry point and smaller diameter that allows for easier insertion without the need for excessive reaming, or widening, of the canal. The nail also has an anterior bow, which mimics normal pediatric anatomy for children ages 8-16, as well as a distal lateral bend to ease insertion lateral to the greater trochanter, minimizing medial cortex interference.

This product may not be available in all markets. Please consult your local OP representative for availability.